Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Daily Trading Coach Book is Finished

I submitted the edited manuscript for The Daily Trading Coach this past week; it's scheduled for sale during the first quarter of 2009. Wiley is estimating 415 pages; the book will also be available in e-book format. Each chapter contains ten "lessons" that cover skills important to self-coaching: both psychological and performance strategies. Here's an advance look at what will be in each chapter:

CHAPTER ONE - The change process: how people change and how to make change happen

CHAPTER TWO - Stress and distress: how to cope with the pressures of trading

CHAPTER THREE - Psychological well-being: how to maximize positive experience in trading performance

CHAPTER FOUR - The coaching process: general strategies for effective self-coaching

CHAPTER FIVE - Psychodynamic strategies for self-coaching

CHAPTER SIX - Cognitive strategies for self-coaching

CHAPTER SEVEN - Behavioral strategies for self-coaching

CHAPTER EIGHT - Strategies for coaching your trading business

CHAPTER NINE- Best practices for self-coaching from 18 contributors

CHAPTER TEN - Using Excel to find a trading edge

My goal was to create a "coach in a book", with an emphasis on practical strategies that can help traders manage themselves and their trading performance. Thanks to the contributors to Chapter Nine and to the many readers who have expressed interest in the project.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Introduction to Trading

This is the master page and table of contents for the e-book "An Introduction to Trading". The book is being written one blog post at a time, and all the posts will be linked below. The goal of the book is to help developing traders gain a better understanding of the principles and practices of trading. Readers are encouraged to share their ideas, links, and experiences in comments to the posts to add perspective and insight. This e-book is being made available at no cost to readers; I ask only that the posts not be reproduced on other sites or used for any commercial purposes. Thanks for your support and understanding--


An Introduction to Trading

Part One: The Principles

Learning How to Trade

Developing a Conceptual Framework

Stock Market Cycles

Cycles and Their Implications

Tracking Cyclical Movements in Markets

Stock Market Cycles Across Timeframes

The Market's Auction Process

Market Auctions and Multiple Time Frames

Part Two: The Practice

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Learning How to Trade: Resources and Links

In addition to showing traders how to become their own coaches, I'm using this site to help traders mentor themselves in trading skills. The links below will help developing traders get started:

* My inaugural post for the online book "Introduction to Trading"

* My "How to Trade" blog linkfest - Volume One, Volume Two

* My post "How Can I Learn Trading?"

* More resources for learning how to trade