Monday, April 6, 2009

Collected Readings in Trading Psychology

Some of my earliest market writings have been compiled into a PDF (274 pages worth!). I think you'll find some good reading here, with many of the themes anticipating those in my books. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Daily Trading Coach Kindle Edition

I just got word that the Kindle edition of The Daily Trading Coach is now available on the Amazon site. Thanks to a kind gift from my favorite Chicago trading firm, I've been playing with my new Kindle and find it easy to use and easy to read. While the electronic version of the book is more expensive than the print version, it does have some functionalities that the hardcover text lacks. For example, you can index and highlight the electronic text and even use Kindle's very basic browser to look up links from the book. An interesting Kindle function that I haven't yet played with creates an electronic voice (male or female) to read the book to you. Not quite as good as a true audiobook, but perhaps a useful feature for situations in which reading would be difficult.

Where I see Kindle's greatest potential is as a device that can pick up all sorts of periodical content, blog subscriptions, podcasts, music downloads, and the like on the fly, centralizing a traveler's reading and entertainment in a convenient manner. Indeed, you can create your own newspaper on Kindle populated by your favorite RSS feeds.

For those looking for an e-book in a non-proprietary form, the Wiley site will soon carry The Daily Trading Coach as a PDF. That will make the book easily accessible around the world as a quick download. I will put the word out when the PDF version becomes available. Once again, thanks for the interest!