Sunday, May 24, 2009

Excerpts From My Trading Books

A common question I get is, "Which of your books should I buy?" Below is some information that may prove helpful to traders shopping around:

** Here is a chapter from my most recent book, The Daily Trading Coach. It is a self-help book for traders, formatted as 101 short, practical lessons.

** Here is a chapter from my second book, Enhancing Trader Performance. It is the only book that I know that focuses on the trader's learning curve and ways of accelerating it toward expertise.

** Here is a chapter from my first book, The Psychology of Trading. It is a comprehensive presentation of how psychological factors impact traders and why.

See also the archived posts on this blog (Become Your Own Trading Coach). There are many good resources here.

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Valentin said...

I was going to ask you the same question... The possibility to look inside the books before buying helps. Thank you! Val