Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trading Lessons From July

A major objective of this site is to archive readings that can help traders with their psychology and their trading. The following posts from July address important elements of trading practice. See also trading lessons from May and June and these posts on trade setups:

* Trading With the Odds

* When to Think of Joining a Proprietary Trading Firm

* Gauging Reasonable Performance Expectations as a Trader

* Identifying Reference Ranges During the Day

* Figuring Out the Structure of the Trading Day

* Range Days and VWAP

* Important Market Lesson: How Markets Respond to Bad News

* Executing Good Trades

* Organizing Your Trading Screens

* How to Plan Trading in a Range Market

* Nice Example of a Transition Pattern

* Transitions and Reversals

* Overcoming Failures in Trading

* Catching False Breakouts From Ranges

* Three Common Mistakes Traders Make

* Trading *Your* Time Frame

* Three Questions to Ask Before You Trade

* What to Look for When We're Trading in a Range

* What to Look for in a Breakout From a Range

* Two Important Lessons Regarding Day Structure

* Trading Slow Market Days

* Trading With Order Flow

* Keeping Time Frames Consistent While Trading

* When Trading Becomes an Addiction

* Upside Market Breakouts: What to Look For

* The Importance of Tracking Volume at Price

* Identifying Non-Confirmations of Market Moves

* Relentlessly Improving Yourself as a Trader

* Five Characteristics of Winning Traders

* How to Use the Morning Information From Twitter

* Integrating Market Information Across Time Frames

* A Self-Evaluation Checklist for Traders

* The Role of the Gut in Trading

* Identifying Market Range Days

* Recognizing When Trends End

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HELLO BRETT, Thank you agian for your desire to archive your great work for ease of use for all to use. Keep it up, and thanks agian! Best, SSK