Saturday, December 26, 2009

Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts - Volume One

Here is an archive of posts from August that illustrate specific market indicators and trading patterns. I'll be generating archives from subsequent months, picking out posts specifically relevant to trading methods:

* Intraday sentiment and trend with cumulative NYSE TICK line;

* Tracking sentiment with a moving average of NYSE TICK;

* Tracking sentiment by assessing extreme NYSE TICK readings;

* Understanding the market's macro themes;

* Assessing market strength with short-term new highs/lows;

* Using trend status of a basket of stocks to assess market condition;

* Aligning trading with sentiment trends and NYSE TICK;

* Volatility patterns, intraday;

* Tracking sector rotation and odds of market continuation;

* Identifying market breakouts;

* A few of my trading rules;

* Creating price targets for swing trading;

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