Saturday, December 26, 2009

Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts - Volume Two

Here are trading indicator and technique posts from September; see the prior set of posts from August for more:

* Tracking intermarket correlations to understand macro themes;

* When to exit a trade;

* Identifying false breakouts; see also this post;

* Using volume dynamics to identify downside break;

* Transition trading; here's a follow-up to that post; nice example of transition pattern;

* Momentum patterns in the stock market; a further look at momentum; and another one;

* Intraday market transitions;

* Tracking the real time development of support and resistance;

* Tracking low momentum in the stock market and what it means;

* Using a basket of stocks and changes from the open to assess trending;

* More on using NYSE TICK to gauge intraday sentiment; also, using TICK distribution;

* The value of assessing the market's volume flow; see also volume flow and intraday transitions; also, reading volume flow prior to the market open;

* Evaluating participation during breakout attempts; also see this example;

* Using volume bars to track the market;

* Using information across time frames for trade ideas;

* Primer on reading my Market Delta display;

* Identifying range days in the market;

* Identifying upside breakouts in the market;

* Non-confirmations in NYSE TICK and market reversals; see also NYSE TICK breakouts;

* Using volume to identify key price levels;

* Volume dynamics of a trending market;

* Excellent tool for screening intraday strength and weakness;

* What we can learn from intraday advances and declines in the stock market;

* When economic reports are game changers for stocks;

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