Saturday, December 26, 2009

Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts - Volume Three

This is the third installment in a set of archived posts that focus on trading indicators and methods. These posts come from October, 2009; see the prior archives for August and September:

* Using NYSE TICK and Market Delta to identify intraday sentiment and trend;

* Gauging intraday strength via sentiment and intermarket themes;

* Identifying range markets; using sectors and a basket of stocks to identify range conditions;

* Catching market divergences;

* Extreme NYSE TICK values--and their absence--as a trend/range indicator; also see this post;

* The behavior of large traders during breakout moves;

* Nice relative volume tool;

* Weekly price targets and swing trading; see also this post on weekly targets;

* $TICKI (Dow TICK) and short-term stock market sentiment;

* Watching price levels to gauge market breakouts;

* Nice way of gauging sector rotation;

* Using VWAP to understand market moves and day structure;

* Identifying an upside trend day;

* Tells for a downside trend day;

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